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About the Author

I’m Dr. Kasem S. Akhras.

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Pharmacy and completing my Pharmacy Practice Residency, I joined the pharmaceutical industry back in 1996 way before the Market Access function even existed!

Back then, the focus was on “pharmacoeconomics” and “outcomes research.” Over the past 24 years working at top 10 pharmaceutical companies, I established the Market Access, Health Economics and Outcomes Research functions, and led the development and implementation of market access strategies for many high-value innovative products in both developed and emerging markets.

I’ve also published well over 40 peer-reviewed papers, delivered well over 70 oral presentations and abstracts, have given numerous keynote lectures and presentations at international scientific meetings on cost effectiveness in healthcare, health technology assessment, and market access, and have participated in many forums around key policy issues shaping the healthcare environment.

My expertise in healthcare is on access to medicine, evidence-based medicine and policy decisions, value-based care, pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, and real world evidence generation.

I continue to have an adjunct appointment at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Pharmacy.

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If you are working in the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East and North Africa in particular, and Emerging Markets in general, or plan to enter the market, this book is the right resource for you to:

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